Saturday, December 10, 2005

Twenty One... Twice

Went to two twenty-first birthdays last nite. First was Terence's. Not quite his actual day yet, but i guess i should use the opportunity to wish him a big Happy Birthday! anyway.

Tez treated us all to a yummy buffet at the Hyatt. We ate lots. Not much more to say than that. Oh wait, I beat Morissa in a prawn peeling race.

The Guys

Tez n Graceeee (after completing their prawn peeling race)

Tez and his cake (thinking about how best to eat it)

Nhan n Lisa

The Westies (Chris, Donny, Eddie)

Soh and I

Tez and Soz

After fitting about as much food as you could cram into a medium sized backpack, Sam and I decided it was about time to head off to Lavish for Kelly's 21st. VIP entry meant no waiting to get in. And you get to feel important too.

Thanks for letting me crash your party Kelly (although you probably won't remember anyway). Happy Birthday to you as well ~

Starting to like going to Lavish a bit too much i think... but check out the view from upstairs:

The alcohol ($160 a bottle... not quite sure if that was worth it)

but check out the view after the alcohol ...


No comments needed there.

Tommy (looking a bit red) and me (is that like a quadruple chin??)

Kelly and Mr. Hwang

Tommy Me and Kelly

Group shot ... (yep the alcohol finally kicked in)


quebeck said...

Hahah who is that chick in the white hotpants??

Oh yeah, if tez is reading this, I forgot to write in your bday book. I'll write it next time I see you.

edit: spelling

shoe-a-holic said...

man, i hate to sound like a total cow here but someone should tell that poor girl in those white hotpants that they don't look so hot on her...PUT IT AWAY!!!

Adrian said...

Soh, i have no idea.. if u came along u might've found out ~

and Kerry, i don't think it's her hotpants people are trying to look at haha :P

shoe-a-holic said...

gosh, if that's the definition of a hot ass, i will shoot myself...what has the world come to???