Saturday, January 28, 2006

Assignment Time

Current music: M-Flo - Let Go feat. Yoshika
Temperature: 28.0 C

Yep. It's meant to be the middle of my summer holidays but i have an assignment to do, and cases to read. Ah, the joys of summer school.

Of course, as is usually the case whenever i have something pressing to do i am brushing up on my skills of procrastination. The assignment's due Monday and i still don't really know what i'm meant to be doing for it either... Anyway enough ranting about that.

Weather is officially reflecting the effects of Global Warming in my books. It's been over 35 degrees far too many times in the last couple of weeks here in Melbourne. I mean come on, it should have cooled down after the thunderstorm this afternoon... but it's still a nice toasty 28 degrees in my room at 2am in the morning. Bleh. No wonder i can't sleep.

I've been discovering some interesting things about a lot of people around me lately too. Or maybe it's more about myself... But more about that in another post.

Time to sleep for now.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

More backlogged blogging

Apologies for the late update again. Things have been happening too fast for me to keep up lately. Not getting enough sleep, but still not enough hours to do all the things i want to.

Justin came to visit from Sydney last week - and i already can't remember half the stuff we got up to. Anyway here are some photos of random things that have been happening:

Phillip Island Trip Baggage... still wondering how we maanged to fit it all in the car

The place we stayed at actually looked like one of those things from a 'Devine Homes' advertisment (you can the ad on the TV there haha)

Amusing ourselves with Cranium (the board game)... and cake... and lollies

Home cooked spaghetti bolognes ...

Fi looking a bit confused in the kitchen

Justin and I outside

At the beach

Some lake thing at the beach

The beach (the sun finally came out ... from behind those dark clouds on the right)

We went to the local carnival that nite. I don't know if anybody actually rode this thing but it looked cool

The beach by night. That thing up there is the moon

The boys and their drinks. And food. And cards.

The survivors (just before we left)

Justin and Garry with their fried ice cream

Karaoke.. don't ask me what those 3 are doing

Grace and Garry

Grace and Karen

Me trying to get Yasuko to sing

Guys from work in a beer drinking contest at Copacabana (venue for the Staff Post-Christmas Party). Dude in the middle won and got a pair of sunglasses for his efforts from the Corona promoters.

Mina and Mel

Mark, Sange (both looking quite drunk) and the other Mark

There's probably a lot of things i could/should write up here, but i have neither the time nor the energy to do that now.

So that's all for now folks.

Monday, January 02, 2006

2006 Here we go

Well 2006 is officially here and i'm quite backlogged with my blogging. Here's a picture post to speed things along a little.

Best wishes for the new year all.

The Highpoint crew [Annie bottom right] @ Annie's farewell

Joel Erem and Vinh

Vince n Kerry @ Em's 21st

Andy n Me

Wing, Em (Birthday girl) and Kerry

Shehan n Ferdi @ Clare's farewell at Hush Bar

Me n Garry

Clare and I

Clare, Sammy, Amy + Me

New Year's Eve @ Soh's place

New Year's Eve by the Yarra

Up close and personal with the fireworks display

Me and Yasu

Ikuo after a few too many drinks..

Melbourne the morning after

Dawn on the yarra