Monday, January 02, 2006

2006 Here we go

Well 2006 is officially here and i'm quite backlogged with my blogging. Here's a picture post to speed things along a little.

Best wishes for the new year all.

The Highpoint crew [Annie bottom right] @ Annie's farewell

Joel Erem and Vinh

Vince n Kerry @ Em's 21st

Andy n Me

Wing, Em (Birthday girl) and Kerry

Shehan n Ferdi @ Clare's farewell at Hush Bar

Me n Garry

Clare and I

Clare, Sammy, Amy + Me

New Year's Eve @ Soh's place

New Year's Eve by the Yarra

Up close and personal with the fireworks display

Me and Yasu

Ikuo after a few too many drinks..

Melbourne the morning after

Dawn on the yarra


shoe-a-holic said...

thanks Age for putting up a good photo of me :) hope you had a great start to the new year :D

little_melody said...

Fantastic pics Age! Hope you had a great year in 2005 and may 2006 be even better! We should catch up soon!

shoe-a-holic said...

forgot to write this b4 but PHWOAH! that guy in the stripey shirt in your second photo is HOT!