Saturday, January 28, 2006

Assignment Time

Current music: M-Flo - Let Go feat. Yoshika
Temperature: 28.0 C

Yep. It's meant to be the middle of my summer holidays but i have an assignment to do, and cases to read. Ah, the joys of summer school.

Of course, as is usually the case whenever i have something pressing to do i am brushing up on my skills of procrastination. The assignment's due Monday and i still don't really know what i'm meant to be doing for it either... Anyway enough ranting about that.

Weather is officially reflecting the effects of Global Warming in my books. It's been over 35 degrees far too many times in the last couple of weeks here in Melbourne. I mean come on, it should have cooled down after the thunderstorm this afternoon... but it's still a nice toasty 28 degrees in my room at 2am in the morning. Bleh. No wonder i can't sleep.

I've been discovering some interesting things about a lot of people around me lately too. Or maybe it's more about myself... But more about that in another post.

Time to sleep for now.

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hwangus said...

Good luck