Thursday, February 09, 2006

Another reason to procrastinate

I can't believe tomorrow is the last day of class for the summer semester already. Although i must say, i feel like i've actually learnt something from this subject (Evidence & Proof) unlike the previous one i took (Legal Ethics) - haha yeah, maybe lawyers don't have ethics. Speaking of which, i have an exam starting tomorrow for ethics. Not good.

On a lighter note, i was looking through the frequently asked questions posted by my lecturer and realised that he'd actually posted some of the comments that people wrote from last semester. For those of you who go to Melbourne Uni, that's the quality of teaching sheets we all (mindlessly) fill out every semester. I thought it was quite funny how brutally honest some people were. These are my three favourite quotes (remember, the survey is done in the last or second last class of every subject):

3. "Jeremy is a pretty good teacher but he did blab on about things, e.g. Powerpoint and his textbook"

2. "I don't know what this subject is about."

1. "Jeremy is a space cadet but still not a bad teacher"

To be fair though, the vast majority of comments were very positive, and i pity those people who did not enjoy the subject as i honestly think it's been one of the best law subjects i've taken so far.

Oh and also, I got a letter today from the faculty of economics, so it looks like i will be tutoring (intro microeconomics) in first semester. Only have a few tutorials allocated to me at the moment - but hopefully that will let me actually get to know the classes better. Downside of that is, it looks like my trip to Sydney is a bit screwed up now. The compulsory training day for tutoring is right in the middle of my planned holiday...


June said...

heyyaa AGE!

AHHAHAHA i love those student comments. Quite blunt n funnny.

Good to hear about ur tutoring job!! it's worthwhile :)

Wats happened with sydney then?? ohhh no. Wellll justin's in HK so *hush* "maybe he doesn't have to know u aint going now. He wont know age"
nar that reall suxxxx. Will it work out in the end tho?

Clare said...

Hey...Congrats!! WOW all my friends are so smart..everyone tutoring at uni :)

i miss melb so much!!! and Melb Uni is sooooo nice! cant wait till I go bak ~_~

hope your exams go well