Monday, February 06, 2006

Car crashes

Following the spat of accidents involving cars, other cars, and work mates recently, today something rather ironic thing happened. On the way home after my evidence class i was driving along the freeway wondering what would happen if there was a collision during peak time. More to the point, i was wondering if someone would try to stop following a collision. I just got to see both.

As is often the case in the afternoon, you can be travelling quite quickly down the Eastern Freeway only to realise that the cars about 50 metres ahead are only going half your speed because of congestion near one of the exits. Thus the accident. Some little Mitsubishi Lancer clipped the car in front of them (because they didn't slow down in time i guess), and then proceeded to slam on their brakes to the point of skidding around rather dangerously - they managed to get their tyres to smoke haha. Needless to say, it caused quite a bit of mayhem behind them. I was in the lane beside the accident so i couldn't really see if the cars behind hit too - but i'd imagine there was some collateral damage... What i do know is, i got the whole right lane to myself after that because nobody else was coming thru haha. Lucky i was too lazy to try to overtake the car infront of me... It's nice to be reminded you're only mortal.


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