Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A moment of insight

It dawned on me a little while back that there are a lot of people i know that i don't know properly. 'Know' meaning 'have been acquainted with for a long time; and see and talk to reasonably frequently'. After making some effort to rectify that a little since then, i feel like i've found a whole heap of new friends. It's been a most uplifting experience. It's like meeting someone new who you get along really well with - but then also somehow having that sense of comfortableness with eachother from having memories and a friendship from before. At least for that's how it is for me - not quite sure what they think haha.

And it's sort of weird too. I've been having my eyes opened to a lot of common place 'ordinary' things lately - and as soon as i start lapsing back into the repetitive and the mundane, something else seems to open up in front of me. Quite bizzare really. But i'm not complaining (^^)

Seems like the start of a really interesting year for me. Fingers crossed.


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akemashite omedetou!!

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