Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Odds! (that i wish i knew)

I dedicate this post to T.

Updated and revised odds (time frame 1 year):
A: ?
A + N: ?
A + J: ?
A + 1YC: ?
A + Y: ?
A + M: ?
A + P: ?

S: ?
S + RTC: ?
S + OEC: ?
S + SORC: ?

New odds (time frame 1 year):
C - M: ?
E - D: ?
S - M: ?
T - S: ?
A - G: ?

Confusing enough :)?

Disclaimer: I accept no responsibility for psychological harm caused, economic loss suffered or the correctness of the above speculations. All implied terms are hereby excluded to the full extent permissible by law. If you do not understand what this post is about you are not meant to understand it. If you are still reading this disclaimer and have not worked it out yet I will make it clear for you: this post is, and is intended to be, a joke. So if you take offence stop reading and go do something better with yourself.


Garry said...

This is the most confusing entry that I have ever read from you Age...or ever from any blog...haha...
I think you should use pictures...would it work with pictures? Hmmmmm

Mulder said...


Adrian said...

Proxy comment for Alex:
"I put my house on A-G"

Ez said...

Wow. Aren't they marriage odds?

kAgE said...

w000t where's G + ?? hahaha =p