Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ups and downs

For me, the past few days have been kind of strange.

My trip to Sydney was pretty chill and relaxing... the good:
1. Got a chance to catch up with Justin and Kevin and Hingy
2. Had a ball at Aaron's 21st (friend of Justin)
3. Even managed to see what UNSW was like as a student by attending a class lol.

But then just to spoil it, the bad:
1. We had a bit of a scare involving a small car accident on William St (right when the mardi gras was on so add about 5,000 extra people and lots of cars)
2. Didn't realise the time and had to rush to the airport through peak hour traffic to make my return flight home (and have to deal with Sydney's stupid obsession with random one-way streets in the city)

And then yesterday i had a really good time hanging out with Nanako after class, and then also went to the first Jap Club event of the year (PLUS unlike last year i am actually going to get to know some exchangees BEFORE semester 2!)... and then a nice long chat and some food afterwards at Notturno.

BUT i somehow managed to get myself a parking ticket earlier that afternoon by getting back to my car at about 4.55 when my meter apparently expired at 4.53. That was almost enough to make me so angry i didn't enjoy the rest of the night. ALMOST.

And TODAY, I had a nice bummy session with Krispy Kremes at law building with various random friends... and had a session of tennis planned at 6.00 with the usual bunch.

Then I got a call from my dad asking me to try to fix some computer thing in the office... which i couldn't. But in trying to, i did manage to leave my bag on the floor in the law building. Fortunately, Michelle and Lisa were still around to take care of it for me...
But then I realised (at like 5.30) that i was actually meant to go pick up my racquet from the stringing shop before it closed at 5.00 (and what's worse i purposely drove in to uni just so i could do that...). Bleh.

Then, just trying to get back to uni from the office was such a bitch though. Got stuck in all this traffic trying to go like 500 metres from the office to the law building coz of all the dumb drivers who don't know when to give way... And after having to go pick up my bag (to get my keys) and getting to the car (to get my tennis stuff) i was like 30 minutes late for tennis. BLEH.

But afterwards we managed to find a microwave to heat up the Krispy Kremes i brought and sat around and had a good laugh.

Ah i don't know what to feel. Happy? Angry? Annoyed? Bleh. Maybe i just need sleep.


Clare said...

oh, its ok!!! tmr will be a better day :)

where is tat email you promised ~_~ hehe

off to london this weekend :)

shoe-a-holic said...

hey Age! thanks again for the Krispy Kreme! *hug*