Sunday, April 02, 2006


Yep that's right, the other day i finally got off my lazy ass and started doing a little bit of uni-related work. I took the shrink-wrap off my textbook, sat down all ready to catch up on the last 4 weeks of semester and managed fall asleep in less than 5 minutes. How's that for anti-climactic..? I've been slowly plugging away at it since though, and i think i've read most of what was required for week one now (only four weeks to go haha).

But somewhat more pressingly, i've got quite a lot of marking to do for tutoring... and while that isn't quite as boring as reading a law textbook, it gets pretty draining. The main problem is trying to give constructive feedback - it takes time, effort and sometimes i really can't understand what people are trying to say. Diverting half my attention to MSN probably isn't helping either..

Sam said something interesting last night that got me thinking too: "I think this semester has been the most fun of all the semesters so far". Looking back at my life at uni, i suppose things for me this semester have generally been pretty good too. Despite all the complaining that the fun of first year is so long past, and that uni is such a drain, i think i've genuinely been enjoying my time at uni a lot more than i used to some how.

Maybe its the realisation that i won't be here all that much longer, or maybe its something else, but whatever the reason hopefully it stays fun right till the end :)


shoe-a-holic said...

uni IS fun, provided you have mates to hang out with during long-ass breaks, otherwise, you'd end up at Baileau, (not) reading your textbooks/treaders.

Clare said...

Uni is the best!! I MISS IT sooooooooo much!!!! cant wait till I go back! wats better yet!! haha you're still there :)