Sunday, May 28, 2006

Photos photos photos

Sorry for my lack of updates recently. There's been lots going on but i've forgotten a lot of it now that i've finally gotten around to blogging.

Last night a bunch of us went out for a farewell dinner for Emi, which coincidentally turned into a birthday celebration for Yasu. Went to some Korean place (that i can't remember the name of now) where we ate a whole lot of different things ordered by our Korean contingent (so i don't know the names of the things we ate either - damn Korean is too hard to remember).

Takako surprised us all with a home-made cake complete with candles. She managed to forget to add sugar when she baked it but it still somehow tasted really good anyway.

I like this shot...

Yasu and Emi blowing out the candles

The Goodbye Emi shot

And a week ago from yesterday, a different bunch of us went to have dinner to farewell Toshio.

The Goodbye Toshio shot

The Melbourne Central Devil (left is absynth, middle is absynth + bacardi 151, right is bacardi 151)

That's the craziest drink i've ever seen. Toshio sucked it all down with two straws (with some moral support from us) in about 60 seconds. That probably put him a little bit over the edge. We had lots of fun as a result however.

Tomoko (this shot was actually BEFORE all this crazy alcohol stuff started)

Toshio (after his crazy alcoholic morale boost)

Irvin (probably wondering what was up with Toshio)

Taka with wine in hand (looking like he wants to cry... probably just from watching Toshio)

A sleeping Angel (haha yep, passed out again...)

In the end, Toshio somehow held it all in and didn't even spew. I'm not quite sure how many hours it took him to actually go upstairs into his apartment after though. Angel (who we left to make sure he got home okay *cough*) left him sitting at the bottom of the steps to his place and went home haha. We did find out late the following day that he was in fact alive and okay. As they say, all's well that ends well.

Finally the last, but not least, part of this blog is dedicated to pictures from the 2006 Melbourne Uni Law Ball. The tickets were overpriced and the service was hopeless (I vote no more law ball at Palladium). But i suppose the atmosphere was nice, and some of the food was actually okay for once.

Anyway on to the pictures.

Mel, Annie n Isabelle

Isabelle n Joel

MUJC at the MULB (translation: Melbourne Uni Jap Club at the Melbourne Uni Law Ball)

Michelle, Me n Lisa

Yasu n Nanako

Twins (not really, but i still think they look the same)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


今日、日本語クラブのAGMが行われました。俺はEducation officerになり、それっていったい何のかわからりません。一応日本語クラブにちゃんと入ってみようと思ってたさー。

ミーティングの後、授業がなんとキャンセルされたので、ElementというバーでSamとビール・・。試験のことを3時間ぐらいまったく忘れられてよかったです。だって、帰ってきてから勉強しようと一回してもなかった。そう、俺は時間を無駄にするのが得意なんです。そういえば、多分このブログエントリーはその例のひとつだろうな。 以上

Translation (for you people who tried translating my last post, i felt sorry for you haha):
The MU Jap Club AGM was on today. I'm now the 'Education Officer', though i have no friggen idea what that is. I just thought i'd try joining the club commitee properly...

After the meeting, my class was somehow cancelled so i ended up having a beer with Sam at this bar called Element. It was good being able to forget about exams for like 3 hours. But i haven't even tried to study once since i got home either. Yep, i'm good at wasting time. This blog post is probably a good example of that huh. The end.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


最近、Law ballというパーティーの準備したりインターンシップの申し込んだりすることで、時間がまたまた飛べるようだったんです。何も考えなくて一休み取れる暇がないって感じ。それで、Tutorのバイト今学期やっていますから、先々週にもらったのに採点しなきゃのエッセイはまだ山ほどあります。明日までに済まさないと。



Monday, May 08, 2006

My 22nd

Another year to add to the collection and some photos to prove it. CBF to write so just enjoy the pics.

Me n Mel at dinner the other night

On the couch: Eric holding Garry's baby

Soh and Tez and dip

My crazy 'nomitai nomitai' friends

Kerry showing off her newly found self-portrait taking abilities

Michelle and Dot

The work crew

If you were there and you're not in a photo that's because you didn't act spastic enough haha.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Sydney fun

I'm back, a little tired and really don't want to go to uni tomorrow. My little trip was memorable in more ways than one. But on to the pictures.

Quote of the trip by Hing as we drove past the below: 'So, is the architecture in Melbourne any different from Syd... WHAT THE?!".

Yes that is a flying fire truck. Ah I love Sydney-siders.

The point of my trip was to show up for Hing's interestingly themed 21st bash. It was joint with Garbs which made it all the more fun.

Birthday Pirates: Michael G and Michael H

What made it funny was the (intentional) disparity of theme between the different groups who showed up for the night. Long-term school friends were told to go tribal; uni buds were told to come as pretentious jerks; church friends to come dressed as nerds. And to make things even better somebody came dressed as Darth Vader (I guess they just made their own theme up when they found that mask).

Tribal Patrick (yeah he had fun raiding his sister's wardrobe...)

Tribal again: yep Dave, you definitely have the longer tongue

The highlight of the party for many. You really had to be there. But if you look closely at Hing's hands you might be able to work out why...

I didn't really take photos of the other groups. Because, well, they were just lame compared to the tribal ppl haha. That and the alcohol started kicking in by then. Speaking of which:

Jam donuts. Apparently.

The place kicked us all out at 12 midnight which was waaay too damn early. Fortunately we relocated to Hing's place where there was copious amounts of hard liquor and other alcoholic goodies. That provided many hours more fun. Unfortunately Hing forgot to tell his parents there would be many drunk people in his house until the weird hours of morning.

This pretty much sums up the state of the party at Hing's place after.

The next day I managed to find some time to meet up with Carol at QVB. It was a really nice little catch up; funnily enough it sounds like a lot of the '04 Keio crew have ended up in HK this year... Except for Rol who's found some new incentive to hang around Down Under a bit longer ;)

QVB and the statue outside

Rol and I (Rol you better come visit soon...)

Spent a bit of time as an adopted Sydney University student too. Which is remarkably similar to life as a Melbourne Uni student actually:

Bum at pub --> Go for a walk around --> Bum some more --> Come back to pub. Yeah you get the idea. Except they have Broadway shopping centre like 5 minutes from their uni. Grrr.

Some pretty flowers near Sydney Uni

And that is pretty much my trip summed up. It's good to be back, but now to get on to doing some of the stuff i missed...