Sunday, May 14, 2006


最近、Law ballというパーティーの準備したりインターンシップの申し込んだりすることで、時間がまたまた飛べるようだったんです。何も考えなくて一休み取れる暇がないって感じ。それで、Tutorのバイト今学期やっていますから、先々週にもらったのに採点しなきゃのエッセイはまだ山ほどあります。明日までに済まさないと。




shoe-a-holic said...

hmmm, don't understand any og that except the 'law ball' bit, which after much deliberation, i've decided not to go due lack of monetary notes :) sorry Age! but have fun on my behalf :p

liang said...

heres a translation from babelfish which doenst make any sense lol

Recently, by the fact that the party, Law ball it prepares and/or the intern ship applies, the time oven cartridge it is, it seemed that it can fly it is. You do not think at all, the て rest the spare time when you take saying, feeling. Because with that, byte now of Tutor term you do, if you do not grade to receiving in future week, as for essay still there is about a mountain. Unless it finishes to tomorrow. Yesterday, it started grading properly, but it is time it is required after all enormously. Remaining, today it may not persevere, when honesty you think る 36. Sigh. Furthermore, it is something where test is already immediately. Unless it studies, also the thing of useless is too multi. It is dangerous, it is dangerous. Someone it helps, -

jas said...

my interpretation of the translation.."law ball is coming, i have applied for an internship, time flies without you knowing, i have a mountain of essays to finish marking, and it takes absolutely ages, i marked efficiently yesterday but today i can't persevere, and i have 36 more to go, and exams are coming, and they are very dangerous because i haven't studied jackshit". how accurate was that, adrian? hehehehe

liang said...

ahah that makes alots more sense

Adrian said...

ahhaha sorry lung i think jas wins that one. good job mint lol