Wednesday, May 17, 2006


今日、日本語クラブのAGMが行われました。俺はEducation officerになり、それっていったい何のかわからりません。一応日本語クラブにちゃんと入ってみようと思ってたさー。

ミーティングの後、授業がなんとキャンセルされたので、ElementというバーでSamとビール・・。試験のことを3時間ぐらいまったく忘れられてよかったです。だって、帰ってきてから勉強しようと一回してもなかった。そう、俺は時間を無駄にするのが得意なんです。そういえば、多分このブログエントリーはその例のひとつだろうな。 以上

Translation (for you people who tried translating my last post, i felt sorry for you haha):
The MU Jap Club AGM was on today. I'm now the 'Education Officer', though i have no friggen idea what that is. I just thought i'd try joining the club commitee properly...

After the meeting, my class was somehow cancelled so i ended up having a beer with Sam at this bar called Element. It was good being able to forget about exams for like 3 hours. But i haven't even tried to study once since i got home either. Yep, i'm good at wasting time. This blog post is probably a good example of that huh. The end.


liang said...

Age: "for you people who tried translating my last post, i felt sorry for you haha"

Liang: ahah i was the only one who tried translate(stoopid babelfish)....but jasmine did! altho hers was correct.

thanks for ur sympathy lol.

jas said...
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jas said...

yeh adrian loves us =) from now on there won't be random jap posts we dont understand. RIGHT AGE? coz either way we'll stick it in babelfish hehehe

shoe-a-holic said...

thanks for translation Age. hmmm, i understood a few words here and Jap kinda similar to Chinese? btw, you haven't taken the poll on my blog!!!