Monday, May 08, 2006

My 22nd

Another year to add to the collection and some photos to prove it. CBF to write so just enjoy the pics.

Me n Mel at dinner the other night

On the couch: Eric holding Garry's baby

Soh and Tez and dip

My crazy 'nomitai nomitai' friends

Kerry showing off her newly found self-portrait taking abilities

Michelle and Dot

The work crew

If you were there and you're not in a photo that's because you didn't act spastic enough haha.


shoe-a-holic said...

haha...yes the new found photographic skill will not be confounded by excessive amounts of junk food/random acts of spastic-ness :) btw, who else will be going ot the law ball?

shoe-a-holic said...

forgot to say this: who is that guy in the work crew photo with the dark t-shirt and the blond spiky hair??? he's HOT!

liang said...

i reckon the guy with azn guy with the stripes is hotter

man whats with the white man fever these days... pfft.

Garry said...

haha...they have white fever cuz they wanna get burnt...suckers!!!

Ferdinand Mak said...

Happy Bday Age