Sunday, May 28, 2006

Photos photos photos

Sorry for my lack of updates recently. There's been lots going on but i've forgotten a lot of it now that i've finally gotten around to blogging.

Last night a bunch of us went out for a farewell dinner for Emi, which coincidentally turned into a birthday celebration for Yasu. Went to some Korean place (that i can't remember the name of now) where we ate a whole lot of different things ordered by our Korean contingent (so i don't know the names of the things we ate either - damn Korean is too hard to remember).

Takako surprised us all with a home-made cake complete with candles. She managed to forget to add sugar when she baked it but it still somehow tasted really good anyway.

I like this shot...

Yasu and Emi blowing out the candles

The Goodbye Emi shot

And a week ago from yesterday, a different bunch of us went to have dinner to farewell Toshio.

The Goodbye Toshio shot

The Melbourne Central Devil (left is absynth, middle is absynth + bacardi 151, right is bacardi 151)

That's the craziest drink i've ever seen. Toshio sucked it all down with two straws (with some moral support from us) in about 60 seconds. That probably put him a little bit over the edge. We had lots of fun as a result however.

Tomoko (this shot was actually BEFORE all this crazy alcohol stuff started)

Toshio (after his crazy alcoholic morale boost)

Irvin (probably wondering what was up with Toshio)

Taka with wine in hand (looking like he wants to cry... probably just from watching Toshio)

A sleeping Angel (haha yep, passed out again...)

In the end, Toshio somehow held it all in and didn't even spew. I'm not quite sure how many hours it took him to actually go upstairs into his apartment after though. Angel (who we left to make sure he got home okay *cough*) left him sitting at the bottom of the steps to his place and went home haha. We did find out late the following day that he was in fact alive and okay. As they say, all's well that ends well.

Finally the last, but not least, part of this blog is dedicated to pictures from the 2006 Melbourne Uni Law Ball. The tickets were overpriced and the service was hopeless (I vote no more law ball at Palladium). But i suppose the atmosphere was nice, and some of the food was actually okay for once.

Anyway on to the pictures.

Mel, Annie n Isabelle

Isabelle n Joel

MUJC at the MULB (translation: Melbourne Uni Jap Club at the Melbourne Uni Law Ball)

Michelle, Me n Lisa

Yasu n Nanako

Twins (not really, but i still think they look the same)


Garry said...

Ah man...Y didn't I go to the Law Ball...yyyyyyyy!!!

Ez said...

They sooo don't look the same...

hwangus said...

Re: the last pic
They DO look very similar! The question is, WHO is better? And it's for Age to answer

Adrian said...

How come you guys post comments so quickly...

And hwang, shut up.

shoe-a-holic said...

if i didn't have to fork out the $$$ for my parking fines, i would have gone...glad you had fun though!

little_melody said...

Pics look great! And age.. I think you have a drinking problem =p Stop drinking and study! ^^

liang said...

i speak for all guys when i say... i like the first pic =]

ahem.. ahah any way NO they dont look the same. just coz they're asian with long hair and slanty eye with yellow skin......

hwangus said...

Liang could you please expand on that and tell us your reasons

liang said...

oh i meant the first law ball pic.... well and "speaking for all" was in reference to chi ahaha

jas said...

hey one of those girls i've seen in one of my con law classes i think hehhehe :P copyright age.

kAgE said...

hahaha chi qui =p