Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Last night's match against Italy sums up the story of Australia's World Cup.

Along with most other Aussies I was again extremely disappointed with last night's effort. And by that I'm not talking about the players' efforts; both teams played an extremely good game of football. I mean the refereeing.

But I suppose I should have seen it coming...

When you have a referee who looks like this when he gives out unjustified red cards:

...and keeps on looking like that for quite some time...

it shouldn't really be a surprise that he'd make a similarly stupid decision against Australia later on.


The match last night taught me a few things though. So I've decided to share my new knowledge with my very own step-by-step guide on How to Win a Penalty

1. Make sure you keep your mouth wide open at all times as if you are in constant pain (see below pictures for details).

2. Find a defender on the ground in front of you, like this:

3. Purposely run into the defender's back and wave your arms about a bit, like this:

4. Jump as far forward as you can (remember to keep your mouth open), like this:

5. Lie on the pitch with your legs up and stare at the ball (remember to keep your mouth open!), like this:

6. Laugh into the ground with your head down until the referee comes along and gives you your hard-earned penalty:

Final result: Italy - 1 Australia - 0. Bullshit.

The beautiful game isn't beautiful when there are mistakes like this made all the time. I vote for video referees at the next World Cup...

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


この間、まどかちゃんの結婚式に行ってきました!・・・っていうか。実は結婚式は「Colonial Court Receptions」っていう家から遠い場所で催されて、道に迷ってしまった。やばいやばいって思いながら、結局、場所がどこにあるかって妹に電話。妹はインターネットで調べて、場所の行き方を教えてくれた。助かった!と思った。ところが、やっと着いたらみんなもう外で写真を撮ってるところだった。そう、残念ながら結婚式に間に合わなかった。


まどかちゃんへのメッセージ: 何回も言われたはずだけど、もう一回言うよ。おめでとうございます。


The Park Family Shot

Hiragamis and Daniel

Me and Madoka

Hiragami Family

The speeches

Obligatory dessert shot

Mr Hiragami, myself and Yoshi

Sunday, June 04, 2006

That time of year again

Exams are here and my first one is tomorrow morning at 9am. The whole semester just flies past and suddenly it's that time of year again. Such is the life of a uni student i suppose.

For a change though, this semester my exam timetable is really nicely spread out:
05.06.06: Equity and trusts
13.06.06: Civil ligitigation
19.06.06: Corporations law

Unfortuntately that has probably only added to my already dwindling levels of self-motivation and interest in studying.

Speaking of which, the last friendly for Australia before the World Cup starts is on in not too long. I should go :)

Good luck for your exams all!

Edit: Apparently it's not the last friendly. But it's still the last one i'll be watching.