Tuesday, June 13, 2006


この間、まどかちゃんの結婚式に行ってきました!・・・っていうか。実は結婚式は「Colonial Court Receptions」っていう家から遠い場所で催されて、道に迷ってしまった。やばいやばいって思いながら、結局、場所がどこにあるかって妹に電話。妹はインターネットで調べて、場所の行き方を教えてくれた。助かった!と思った。ところが、やっと着いたらみんなもう外で写真を撮ってるところだった。そう、残念ながら結婚式に間に合わなかった。


まどかちゃんへのメッセージ: 何回も言われたはずだけど、もう一回言うよ。おめでとうございます。


The Park Family Shot

Hiragamis and Daniel

Me and Madoka

Hiragami Family

The speeches

Obligatory dessert shot

Mr Hiragami, myself and Yoshi


Clare said...

thats so sweet!!! i wanna go to a wedding :)

cant wait till the day, I can read the jap!!! :)

goodluck for exams :)

shoe-a-holic said...

where is the translation :(

little_melody said...

Please translate for us who cannot read jap =pppppppp And that is one smashingly bright red tie age! Very nice.

Where was it held? It looks like a great venue.

Adrian said...

Ok ok here's the english *grumble*:


The other day i went to Madoka's wedding! Well, sorta. The wedding was being held at this place called Colonial Court Receptions which is really far from my house and on the way i got quite lost.

Eventually i called my sister to find out where the place was. She looked it up on the net and gave me directions to get there. Great. I thought. But when i finally got there, everyone was outside taking photos. Yep i unfortunately managed to miss the ceremony.

But i did manage to go to the reception afterwards haha. Until now i've only ever been to one wedding, but that time because of exams i didn't have time to go to the reception. So this time, being my first wedding reception, AND getting to meet madoka's family AND eat a nice dinner i had a really fun time.

Congratulations, Madoka.


Hmm i hate translating my own japanese. It sounds really demented when i put it in english somehow. Maybe it's just because my japanese sucks :( Anyway, enjoy.

liang said...

oh damn i went and looked for a translation too.. but like urs better

heres what i found tho

At this time, the [ma] [do] it went to wedding! … The [tsu] [te] you say? To tell the truth, wedding “the Colonial Court Receptions” [tsu] [te] having at the place where it is distant from the house which is said, was perplexed to the road. Dangerously well, calling, while thinking, after all, there is a place applying somewhere, you telephone to the younger sister. The younger sister inspecting with Internet, taught the approach of the place. It was saved! With you thought. However, when it arrived at last, everyone already it was the [ru] place at outside taking the photograph. So, regrettable it was not in time to wedding. Even, after that it went to marriage feast properly, (laughing). As for wedding however only one time it has not done until now, there was no spare time when that time it goes to feast with consequence of test. Therefore, this time being first marriage feast, the [ma] [do] you knew each other properly in Daniel's family, received also the late boiled rice, the [chi] [yo] [u] were pleasant. [ma] [do] to message: But the expectation which many times was said already one time you call. You question with the [me], it is. So, enjoying the photograph

jas said...

hahahahaha funny.

thanks for the correct translation age. we still verify it u know.