Sunday, June 04, 2006

That time of year again

Exams are here and my first one is tomorrow morning at 9am. The whole semester just flies past and suddenly it's that time of year again. Such is the life of a uni student i suppose.

For a change though, this semester my exam timetable is really nicely spread out:
05.06.06: Equity and trusts
13.06.06: Civil ligitigation
19.06.06: Corporations law

Unfortuntately that has probably only added to my already dwindling levels of self-motivation and interest in studying.

Speaking of which, the last friendly for Australia before the World Cup starts is on in not too long. I should go :)

Good luck for your exams all!

Edit: Apparently it's not the last friendly. But it's still the last one i'll be watching.

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