Friday, August 18, 2006

Feeling nostalgic

Mel's heading off to Paris for exchange tomorrow. I guess it's been looming for a while but as usual it seems to have come around quicker than expected.

Anyway, the story behind this post was that I was looking through my 'box of stuff' (i have this box in my room which i throw all sorts of weird electronic bits and pieces into) for an Australian-European power adapter. While i was doing that i found my old keitai (mobile phone) from my exchange days - which somehow still has a charged battery after a year and a half in that box... And unlike the phones here in Australia it has enough memory to store everything, including all the emails i sent and received while i was living over in Tokyo.

Reading some of them brings back so many memories... Which reminded me that i have a whole heap of pictures from one of my first nights out in Tokyo.

It's funny looking back at them now though - that night was the first time i met a lot of the awesome people that became my friends. Looking at some of those pictures I'm really not sure how that happened. Haha no i'm just kidding. But I wonder how much a first impression really matters in the end...

Ben and me..

Foster and Simone (ごめん、シモンちゃん。面白いと思うけど・・笑)

Rol with her mouth full

Jakob and I (you know, if i remember correctly - contrary to what it might look like in this pic - Jakob was one of the only people left standing properly at the end of the night...)

Matthias, Min-Kyung and Ji-Hee (masters of the 'Japanese Photo Pose')

Foster, Eisho, Kris n Tony (drinking from the very beginning)

Aaron and Simone

Ah that was a fun night out. It all seems like such a long time ago now though. Sometimes i think it would seriously be awesome if you could turn back time. Just for a little while.

Anyway, back to now. I guess it's going to be an interesting year without my lil sister around. I'm going to miss her. A lot. But if this year was anything to go by, it's going to be over before I can really blink.

In any case, I should really stop wasting my time blogging and get started on those assignments i'm meant to be doing. Now, if i could just find some motivation...

Mel: Make sure you enjoy yourself over there heaps. Now it's your turn to experience life in a new place: make the most of it. Take care and keep in touch.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Laziness. Again.

I'm still too lazy to really write anything on here. Pictures will have to do for now.

Circular Quay from above

The bridge

The Opera House

Our favourite elevator sign (...very Sydney)

An interesting number plate

This is just here for some contrast with the last picture

And in other news...
Our resident swans:

... had babies!

And my sis had a combined advance birthday and farewell party the other day. Was fun.

The Cake