Friday, August 18, 2006

Feeling nostalgic

Mel's heading off to Paris for exchange tomorrow. I guess it's been looming for a while but as usual it seems to have come around quicker than expected.

Anyway, the story behind this post was that I was looking through my 'box of stuff' (i have this box in my room which i throw all sorts of weird electronic bits and pieces into) for an Australian-European power adapter. While i was doing that i found my old keitai (mobile phone) from my exchange days - which somehow still has a charged battery after a year and a half in that box... And unlike the phones here in Australia it has enough memory to store everything, including all the emails i sent and received while i was living over in Tokyo.

Reading some of them brings back so many memories... Which reminded me that i have a whole heap of pictures from one of my first nights out in Tokyo.

It's funny looking back at them now though - that night was the first time i met a lot of the awesome people that became my friends. Looking at some of those pictures I'm really not sure how that happened. Haha no i'm just kidding. But I wonder how much a first impression really matters in the end...

Ben and me..

Foster and Simone (ごめん、シモンちゃん。面白いと思うけど・・笑)

Rol with her mouth full

Jakob and I (you know, if i remember correctly - contrary to what it might look like in this pic - Jakob was one of the only people left standing properly at the end of the night...)

Matthias, Min-Kyung and Ji-Hee (masters of the 'Japanese Photo Pose')

Foster, Eisho, Kris n Tony (drinking from the very beginning)

Aaron and Simone

Ah that was a fun night out. It all seems like such a long time ago now though. Sometimes i think it would seriously be awesome if you could turn back time. Just for a little while.

Anyway, back to now. I guess it's going to be an interesting year without my lil sister around. I'm going to miss her. A lot. But if this year was anything to go by, it's going to be over before I can really blink.

In any case, I should really stop wasting my time blogging and get started on those assignments i'm meant to be doing. Now, if i could just find some motivation...

Mel: Make sure you enjoy yourself over there heaps. Now it's your turn to experience life in a new place: make the most of it. Take care and keep in touch.


liang said...

We'll go dancing in the dark
We'll go walking through the park
And reminiscing...

Cmonski said...

i forgive you adrian.


hahahaha i'm actually going back to visit tokyo in a couple days, with family this time though. i'll let myself reminisce then...

genki o dashite ne~!