Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Laziness. Again.

I'm still too lazy to really write anything on here. Pictures will have to do for now.

Circular Quay from above

The bridge

The Opera House

Our favourite elevator sign (...very Sydney)

An interesting number plate

This is just here for some contrast with the last picture

And in other news...
Our resident swans:

... had babies!

And my sis had a combined advance birthday and farewell party the other day. Was fun.

The Cake


liang said...

OMG.... IS TRUE???? NO WAY..... this blog still exists?!?!? U actually updated?!??!

nice pics... i wasnt really in a reading mood ne way

hwangus said...

me likes the opera house, 2nd gf and resident swan pixx

shoe-a-holic said...

omg, finally, an update!

was expecting more pictures though.

little_melody said...

cake was yummyyyyyyyy!!

Clare said...

more updates pls!!!!!! :)
dun be so lazy!!