Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Blogging from the land of the rising sun

21.11.06 11.04pm

Wow. This is the first time I’ve opened this file (my ‘blog.doc’ file) to write a blog offline for over a year. There’s net access downstairs but some guy has been hogging the laptop port so I figured I might as well just write my blog here first while I wait. Anyway, where to start…?

After a rather late night spent ‘packing’ (read: procrastinating), the sound of my alarm got me up out of bed ready to face the world. Still having a few odds and ends to stick into my bag, the hour or so I had to get ready went by all too quickly. And so too did 7am which was the time I was meant to head to the airport. After being resultantly stuck in morning peak hour, I was finally lining up to check in for my 10am flight. Only, when I got to the counter I was promptly told that I was in the wrong place and needed to go to the Qantas desk. Even though the desk I was at had a big screen above it reading ‘Qantas Flight QF…’. Sigh. Ok that was probably my fault for not checking the boarding info screen properly. Anyway, desk-lady tries to think for a bit, realizes she can’t really remember where the real Qantas check in counters are, and directs us to counter thirty-one. Upon arriving there I was pleasantly surprised to see it was in fact the ‘real’ Qantas check in, but unfortunately it was the Qantas check in for Qantas Club – of which I am not a member. Great huh. But anyway after a bit of grumbling about not having anyone else to check in anyway, desk-lady-no.2 checked me in there.

Things went better from there. What I was most pleased with was the fact that the flight was relatively empty – meaning I had plenty of space to put my bags and stretch out… Flight itself was fairly uneventful. Slept a bit. Watched that Pirates of the Carribean movie. Watched half of the latest x-men without sound. On the girl in front of me’s screen. She had her seat reclined so I happened to be able to see while I was listening to my ipod. I think I worked out most of what happens without having to hear the dialogue. Which I’d say is probably not a good sign for plot complexity. I also happened to meet this guy from Monash Uni sitting behind me who was stopping over in Tokyo for a couple of nights with some friends. Funny thing was, when we arrived and got our luggage, one of his friends turned out to be Hubert who recognized me as being from IGS haha. More random was the fact that apparently they were planning to stay in the same hostel I’m at now. Only, they had a couple of friends who weren’t so keen on the hostel thing so they ended up in some hotel somewhere.

Oh and there’s a funny story with the hostel too. After following all the directions and arriving at minami-senju station, I turned left to walk down the road that was meant to take me to the hostel. And walked straight into a team of night workmen who insisted that I could not walk past them (even though they seemed to have a pedestrian path lined with witches-hats). No problem, I’ll just take the detour they recommended and get back to that same road two blocks down. I thought. Somewhere the along the way, the detour became a bit more complex than I realized and I managed to lose my bearings completely. So I decided to backtrack until I could find the station and start again. In the process I got myself more lost, and ended up just heading for the nearest main road. And when I did I somehow managed the end up on that street I was meant to be on from the beginning, and found the hostel. How’s that for luck. I was quite annoyed by that stage though, but after some gourmet instant noodles (I’m serious: there were 5 seasoning sachets in there!) and some onigiri I was feeling much better. And I also met a cool Japanese salary man who was staying in the bed opposite me. I had quite a long chat with him about half way through writing this – which is probably just as well or else this might have been even longer than it is haha.

And on that note, I think I will call it a day.

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