Thursday, January 04, 2007

A new beginning

Finally back from our New Years beach trip to Inverloch. Lots of funny things happened. Mainly as a result of copious amounts of alcohol. So I probably shouldn't stick them up here.

The actual house wasn't the nicest or the most spacious, but it was close to the beach and it was comfortable - and as they say, the people definitely make the party.

I probably didn't spend quite as much time actually at the beach as I would have liked, but for the time I was there at least the surf and the weather were good.

The pictures below are roughly in chronological order.

Nancy, Kim, Holly and Darren

At the beach at night. The round spots are grains of sand flying around in the wind.

The beginning of our drinks on NYE

Possibly a bit too much to drink on NYE

Simon, Kim, Dave and Me

Still waiting for 2007 to come round...

New Year's in Inverloch

1am, 1 Jan 2007: Jon waiting in anticipation for his first drink in 12 months (at least according to him)

After everybody else had decided it was time to sleep, Eric and I thought we'd go for a wander down by the beach... Unfortunately it was a little overcast on New Year's morning - but it was definitely nice to be up and about before all the party-ers recovered from their drunken stupors

I swear this somehow looked a lot better in real life

Eric and his favourite starfish in the New Year

Cindy, Eric and I (a few days later)

Our beautiful freshly-caught (by Dave) and fried (by Eric and yours truly) fish

Anyway I hope everyone had a safe and happy time over the festive season. Wishing all of you all the best in the coming year.

- Adrian


hwangus said...

I love the photo with Jon waiting for his first drink, he looks just like his infamous dog 'Check'.

Mel said...

haha nice to see you had such a good time Age. Must say, the garnishing on that fish is incredible. Haha. Really detracts from all the grease. Exactly what kind of fish was it actually? It's looks pretty wierd in shape, and kinda ferocious for that matter, because of the gap where the gills were. Or is that it's mouth??...

Adrian said...

I think it was a snapper, and the big hole there was coz we tried to bleed it.

Despite the fantastic effort at garnishing (that was 100% Jon's work), the fish was just right. At least, it was better than the other fish which got baked by the other guys haha.

kAgE said...

actually, our fish tasted a lot better than the steamed one mel =) aids and i are great chefs, with our powers combined we could go on iron chef =) we also cooked this chicken dish haha that was good too