Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More marking

Cool colours

Three more weeks left and my time as an undergraduate student will all be over! Time goes so fast (that is always such a great throw-away line - I'm sure I can use it this time next year too haha).

If only my mountain of marking disappeared as quickly. That is taking far longer than I would like. But I guess the pile is slowly getting smaller... Now if I could just FOCUS. Focus. focus. Meh, I'm going to bed.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Coming of age

According to Japanese custom, Izumi and Akie are apparently both adults now (that means they turned 20). Rena, who I think might not be 20 yet, was also part of the birthday celebrations. I think that is why of the three birthday girls, she (Rena) was the only one able to stand up by the end of the night. Or maybe Izumi and Aki are just drunkos.

Anyway for all those who missed out on the big night here's some photos:

Three birthdays and only one cake?

Izumi and her custom-wrapped birthday present from Irvin and I (no it actually isn't just a bag of garbage; it was a big pillow)

A cool t-shirt

Irvin pimpin' as usual