Thursday, December 06, 2007

ランダム (Random)

No photos in this post. I'm too lazy to work out how to post them from this computer haha. But I think I had one of the most random days of my life yesterday. Anyway let me start from the start and just give you guys a bit of an update.

Carl and I are in Hiroshima right now - we left Tokyo on Tuesday. In the morning Carl and I thought we'd go to Miyajima (small island near Hiroshima famous for its little floating shrine/gate thingy). We walked all the way to the train station (approx 30 minutes) from the hostel only for me to realise that I had forgotten to bring my JR pass (which lets me ride the JR trains)... After heading back to the hostel on a tram (yes they have trams in Hiroshima) to get it I managed to catch the wrong tram to get back to the station. So to cut a long story short, in the end we only got on a train at something like 12.30pm. So much for morning departure...

Once we got there though it was really nice - the tide was out making the floating gate look more like it was sitting in a pile of mud, but that meant that there were hardly any tourists. You really need to see the place to understand how much the crowds of tourists ruin it. Our purpose wasn't really to see the shrine/gate though. We went there so we could hike up the mountain (Mt Misen). It was only a 2.2km walk to the peak but it was basically all uphill so it was harder than expected. It took about an hour but it was definitely worth the effort (not to mention the much needed exercise). To top it off we managed to climb onto some massive boulder rock thing at the very top (that we probably weren't meant to) but the view from up there was quite spectacular. Hmm next time I'll upload a photo of that...

Anyway to start with the more random stuff, when we got home Carl and I were sitting in our room trying to sort out what we were going to do for dinner when Bernard (my other cousin) suddenly walks by the door and waves. We'd met up in Tokyo because we actually took the same flight into Japan, but since about Friday we thought we were all going our separate ways and didn't really discuss our plans. But turns out he and his friends had come all the way to Hiroshima (from a completely different direction), booked exactly the same hostel and in fact had the room right next to ours.

Then downstairs in the lounge, Andy (friend travelling with Bernard) met this Japanese girl (Azusa) who'd been on exchange to China so she could speak Mandarin. The four of us ended up going to dinner together to 牛角 (gyu-kaku which is a chain yaki-niku restaurant), which was rather weird since despite having 3 languages to use (Chinese, English and Japanese) there was always at least one person who had no idea what was being said at all. And speaking of languages, I made a rather stupid translation mistake when I was reading the menu by thinking that the price referred to the price per person, rather than the price of the dish. So we ordered a lot less than we should have and ended up feeling hungry enough to have to go to the convenience store after for more food haha.

Then, when we got back to the hostel, I open the lounge door only to find Dave Lee and Simon (two friends from highschool) sitting in there. Turns out they'd decided to come to Hiroshima and book the same hostel too.

So between Bernard and his friends, Dave his bro and Simon, and Carl and I, there was 9 people from Melbourne in the lounge. About a beer and a half later, two more people stick their heads in the door. And guess where they were from... Yep, more Melbournians. Both from Melbourne Uni too. So I think we not only set a record for the most Aussies in the lounge at one time, but also set the record for most Melbournians. I suppose to be fair though, there are not a lot of hostels in Hiroshima so the chance of this happening probably isn't as crazy as it seems but it's all still feeling extremely random.

Anyway I'm still trying to get over this hangover from last night (yeah I definitely need to stop drinking so much) so I should probably leave it there. Till next time, take care all.


hwangus said...

Farr out

kAgE said...

hahah what da, did that hostel say "meruborun no hito haitekudasai =)" lolz