Sunday, April 13, 2008

A long absence

Yes it's true: I am still around. I've just taken my laziness in updating my blog to a new level. And that's been compounded by the fact that things have been busy with the transition from being a university student to working life taking place.

Anyway I said I needed to blog in my last post and the point, I think, is still quite valid. So, on to the pictures (not a lot of time to write much tonight unfortunately but will get round to that soon)

Tokyo sprawl (I think this is about where I left off in my last post)

Dinner at some random 焼肉 (Japanese/Korean BBQ) place on Christmas eve. (From left: Kian, Andy, Me, Bernard).

Two trouble makers from the Keio Badminton Club - Maeda and Hirota (incidentally before a very large quantity of alcohol was consumed)

What I would look like if I had pursused a career in law in Japan (and been mistakenly selected to become a judge) - taken at Chuo Law School by my friends Izumi and Kentaro

Dinner with blacklights at izakaya 'Mysterious'. From left: Garry, Yuri, Yuri's friend, Dan + me

My good friend Sayaka and I at an eatery in Shibuya

Darts masters. Or possibly just five crazy people who found a whole lot of darts. Important people in this photo: Naoko + Satomi (the rest are just there to fill it out)

A source of never-ending entertainment for the last leg of my trip: Rob. And no, I don't know what he's doing in this photo either.

More Melbourne-ites (sort of) in Japan. Irvin, Yuko and Risako in front of 雷門 (Kaminarimon), Asakusa

Where dreams come true. If you're name happens to be Garry Ting. (Tokyo Disneyland)

And to skip forward about 2 months (since I can't really find any worthy photos to bridge the gap right now): I am officially no longer an undergraduate! And I have photos of myself wearing a funny robe and three pieces of paper to prove it :)

Sam and I @ our graduation

Grandma + me after the ceremony

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