Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ayers Rock

Took my first day of leave last friday so that I could go on a three day trip to Ayers Rock/Uluru and surrounds. Sohei from Keio + his friend Hide came to the land down under for a short holiday so it was a good chance for me to go see some of my own country as a tourist. While it was short, it was a very refreshing break. Since I actually took lots of photos for the first time in a while I thought I should stick some up here.

Uluru (Ayers Rock) has some pretty interesting colours at different times of day. It's quite impressive not only because of the colour change - the thing is HUGE.




We unfortunately were unable to climb it because of 'strong winds at the summit' - I think it's the only way they've been able to convince people not to climb it to respect the wishes of the local people. I mean, who can argue when someone tells you not to climb up because you might fall off and die...

Another random close-up shot of Uluru - took this while we were walking around the bottom hoping (and waiting) that the climb would open later on in the day. It didn't.

We did eventually realise that we weren't going to be able to climb it - so we went back and made ourselves lunch. Not bad huh :)

There's this other rock formation out there (about 50km from Uluru) called Kata Tjuta which nobody ever seems to mention, but in my opinion, is equally impressive. This is a photo of one bit of it that I thought looks like a crocodile haha.

Walked through this part of Kata Tjuta called 'The Valley of the Winds' which was a hard walk, but very pleasant at the same time because of the wind / shade / scenery

The view from the lookout point at the 'end' of the Valley of the Winds

This is another valley we went to which I've forgotten the name of now. It was pretty nice too but by this time we were all quite tired from walking around in the sun for the majority of the day...

After walking through that valley we decided to watch sunset at Kata Tjuta (instead of Uluru) which was nice and quiet because I guess everybody (well almost everybody) decided to go to Uluru leaving us alone in peace :)

Only to find out that Hide was really some sort of anime super hero who could fly if he tried hard enough when the sun was setting...

But even super heroes need food - especially when they're in the outback. We settled on a good ol' Aussie barbeque, complete with kangaroo, emu and crocodile meat from the place we were staying (with onions and cook-it-yourself facilities provided). Was actually a better meal than it looks in this photo - largely thanks to the all-you-can-eat salad bar next to the bbq area :)

On the way home to Melbourne I flew through Sydney so I got to catch up with Justin over a coffee which was a nice end to my trip. Now to figure out when my next short holiday should be :)

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