Monday, September 29, 2008

Rye '08

So something worth a blog post that I took some photos at happened finally (the two happen coincidentally less often than I would like these days): 3 days away from the city down in Rye by the beach. And another day of annual leave gone to boot.

Funnily enough I think the equivalent trip last year might have been to a place not all that far away from the place we stayed this time (like <5 mins drive). A lot of the roads and shops looked awfully familiar...

After a rather uneventful drive down, we arrived at the house we rented just in time for the AFL final. We managed to make the most of the afternoon weather thanks to an outdoor TV by the pool - and followed it up with the obligatory barbie afterwards. Spent most of that night consuming various beverages (most of which probably containing slightly more alcohol than was really necessary) and even managed to fit in some light reading.

Our trip to the beach the next day was well-timed because we managed to find the sun down at the beach on one of it's short excursions out from behind the clouds. That was probably the result of our carefully planned sleep-in as a result of the previous night's activities haha. We also managed to find a rather helpful local tour guide who was out for a walk with his kids and decided to adopt the 12 lost looking tourists for half an hour to guide us to the beach as well :)

In all, a good three days away. Though somehow I still feel more tired and exhausted than I should...

Some of the girls by the water

Our trek to find the beach that was apparently 500m from the place we stayed (according to the ad for the house). It was really a 10 minute drive + 30 minute walk away. The scenery really gave us nothing to complain about though

Hand-stands in the sand

The water at Sorrento (we stopped at for a light brunch on our way back). Well worth it.

And that, as they say, is that.