Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So after over two years of not writing anything, I thought I'd post something up here just for old time's sake. It was my last night on "swap" in Boston tonight so I'm feeling nostalgic.

I say "swap" with the quotation marks because I was really on a one-way transfer, but I think the experience I had, warm welcome I received, and friends I made, were very much analogous to L.E.K.'s more traditional swap programme.

So I guess I can finally say I've worked overseas. I mean, despite having worked with companies based outside Australia (in their offices), actually working for / with / at an L.E.K. office in the U.S. has definitely been an eye opening experience. There is really no substitute for being properly immersed first hand in a new environment I guess.

Not much more to say really, other than that I am glad was given the opportunity to be here, sad to have to say goodbye, and hope that all the friendships will last much longer than the time it takes everybody to meet up again. And for all of you who made me feel so welcome, thank you.

Boston is apparently a city proud of its history. And some funny red brick line.

My first meal in the U.S. - it may be hotel food, but it was good :)

Germany represented (sorry Ken, this was really the only photo I had of you)

MNG (you know who you are)

The Asians (unashamedly stolen from someone else's photos on Facebook)

Keio reunion! (another stolen Facebook photo)

Brunch in NYC (Em - thanks again for all the great times; wish you could've made it to Boston!)

If I was as vigilant as I used to be with my camera I would have a lot more fun pictures to share here. But alas, things do change. Although, given I am writing this, maybe not completely.