Monday, October 24, 2011

Another weekend in Tokyo

Today I managed to beat my record from last weekend. Not only did I not leave Ginza, I didn't even go out of my room. I did manage to get most of my last MBA application done though so that sort of makes it feel like it was worth it. But to balance that I actually went off to Ikebukuro on Saturday evening so I can't say the whole weekend was in Ginza this time.

Bit drained from the day of writing though so this is going to be short (with lots of pictures haha).

Highlights from the week include:
- A great dinner with Mum, Dad and Grandma in Nishi-Azabu on Monday night
- Wine party with Sohei and Hide in Ginza on Friday night
- Finding out Don Quiyote (discount department store chain) sells even more random stuff than I thought, such as AC power adapters for my wireless router
- Learning how not to get lost walking to my office in the mass of people that is Shibuya station in the morning

- Working past 1am and finding out a taxi ride home at that hour might actually be slower than a peak hour train
- Not being able to finish work early enough to take Mum/Dad/Grandma around Tokyo a bit more
- Spending Saturday morning wondering why I drank so much wine the night before instead of writing my MBA applications.

Some of the wine responsible for my ordinary Saturday morning. That said, it was really good wine.

A high-tech anti-earthquake device (my latest piece of kit from the Tokyo office - the Melbourne office found this relatively amusing)

Dinner from one of the nights working late - カルビ弁当 (short rib bento box)

Some of the really nice sushi at Gonpachi

The first course at Gonpachi - I have no idea what half of the stuff is, but it was awesome

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