Monday, October 10, 2011

Japan. Again.

It still feels a bit surreal to be back in Tokyo. Maybe the difference this time is I am actually going to be here for half a year. Or maybe the difference is because it is for work, and not a holiday.

Anyway whatever it is, I don't think I've quite settled in yet. My place is thankfully a fully furnished one, so my biggest issue so far has probably been what sort of rice to buy for the rice cooker. Well, maybe that and trying to work out where the closest supermarket actually was (it's only five minutes away if I actually walk in the right direction).

A few pictures to keep things interesting too (in reverse chronological order, just because that's how it uploaded for some reason).

The LEK connection: had dinner last night with Royston and Graham who have been holidaying in Japan. Being their last night we went out after to enjoy a few more drinks, and had good fun in some random bar/club in Roppongi (when we eventually managed to find it)

My kitchen for the next 6 months. The hot plate is actually quite good - but given I'm in a studio I'm not sure how adventurous I will get trying to cook things; there is a real risk of infusing everything in my room with some dangerously pungent odours (as I discovered stir-frying vegetables tonight)

The back of a seat on the Narita Express (train), which I took to get from the airport into the city yesterday.

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