Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some time to relax at last

So with MBA applications out of the way for the moment, and my last project finishing up, this weekend has been really nice and laid back. Was planning to spend most of it just reading and catching up on sleep but ended up spending a fair chunk of it out and about, which was good too of course.

Not having something at the back of my mind that I have to finish is quite refreshing. Although I think I am already starting to miss the discipline: just this afternoon I went walking around Ginza and ended up in Zara, where I ended up buying a jacket I probably don't need (but I guess when the temperature drops it will come in handy).

One thing I did manage though was going to bed early on Friday night and getting up at 6am on Saturday to go for a run. Only problem was that I managed to snooze my alarm until about 8am, and didn't end up going running until closer to 10. But that said, I ran today as well so that's a lot more than I've run on any other weekend here so far.

Other highlights were:
- finding a reasonably priced hairdresser, who speaks English AND is only 5 minutes from my place
- drinking Yamazaki whiskey with a Yamazaki
- catching up with some old Keio friends: Satomi, Yuki and Akiko

And a few pictures to finish ...

Some nice whiskey to keep things nice and warm as winter comes round

Yakitori bento - delicious but a little lacking on the greens side :)

This is how the dinner delivery came the other night at work. Sure beats those plastic / foil trays back home. Downside is you need to rinse the stuff so that the restaurant can come back to pick it up later.

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