Monday, October 17, 2011

A weekend in Ginza

After not actually leaving Ginza the entire weekend I can't believe Monday is just around the corner again. So just a short post with some of my thoughts from my first week on swap to Tokyo.

The good:
- meeting everyone in the office and finding them all fun, friendly and welcoming
- hanging out with old friends over the weekend
- finding out the trip to work is faster than I thought (about 40 minutes door to door)
- realising I have a grocery store and a discount department store basically next door
- discovering a great running track in Tokyo is about 1 km from my apartment (the Imperial Gardens)

The bad:
- getting rained on half way through my Saturday morning run, and coming back drenched
- being staffed on a relatively busy project from day 1 (and already having to work on a public holiday!)
- trying unsuccessfully to write MBA applications all weekend
- not having enough time to set up a bank account or proper mobile account

A couple of pictures to keep things interesting too.

Home cooked pasta, salad and beer ( 萌ちゃん、ありがとう )

Dinner in the office. Not ideal, but on the bright side definitely better than the Japanese food we get back in Melbourne when we work late.

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