Monday, November 07, 2011

November already

Having a second weekend to relax has been good. And has also made me realise how quickly the last few weeks here have gone by. I am finally starting to feel like I have settled in a bit more, but at the same time there are still quite a few things I haven't got round to doing (like setting up a local bank account!).

This week, though, I finally got myself a commuter pass (i.e. a half-yearly train ticket) - which in hindsight I should have got a long time ago (buying train tickets every day actually adds up quite quickly here). I'd been assuming I needed to go to this office place within opening hours to buy it - but I should have known that I'd be able to buy the thing from a vending machine at whatever time I went by...

I'm off to Boston for training on Tuesday so that is going to break things up a bit - but looking forward to seeing some old friends there (and hopefully making some new ones too). Downside is tomorrow is probably going to be quite busy making sure that the project I am allocated to here in Tokyo is on track and does not fall apart while I am away.

And now for some pictures.

Good wine, good food and good company: dinner with Sayaka at Marugo (in the Maru Park Building)

Kamameshi (the rice thing) and anmitsu (the japanese sweets on the right) with Sohei, Joon and Chihiro in Ginza. Was delicious and is yet another great place to eat near my apartment - need to go back again sometime.

A simple dinner: eggs, veges and rice (and a copy of the Wall Street Journal)

One of the new grads having some fun with the old phones that have just been replaced - if only they were actually connected...

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