Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A short trip home

Being back in Melbourne a bit over a week ago was nice - and made me realise again how fast time flies. Two months away hardly felt like any time at all. The conclusion from lunch with an old friend the other day is that time goes faster once you start working, because only the weekends really count towards (most of) your memories.

Anyway, highlights from the last few weeks in no particular order:

- Alex and Grace's wedding, and catching up with a whole lot of people from uni
- Stumbling upon, and having lunch at, Tian Tian Chicken Rice while wondering around Singapore with Romain
- Brunches, lunches and dinners with friends back in Australia while I was back
- Having the "This is an emergency, oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling above you" announcement turn on (by mistake) on a flight to Canberra, after we had landed and were waiting at the gate
- Finally having a night out with (almost) everyone from the Tokyo office
- Enjoying a few too many drinks with a friend via What's App (cyber-drinking?)
- Having a week at work where I left before 9pm every day

And of course, some pictures to round the post out.

Friday munchies @ L.E.K. Tokyo. Don't ask me why the salmon is that colour...

Some of the L.E.K. Tokyo crew enjoying above munchies

Romain. Ignoring me.

Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice. This stuff is awesome.

Supper with Aileen @ a funky little cafe place in Melbourne. I learnt that cheese fondue is awesome until you try to eat that much of it.

Melbourne coffee. If only it was easier to get here in Tokyo.

A funky cocktail (left) and even funkier water glass (right) with Amy after dinner one night

Steamboat @ home

Sam enjoying a mega sized Hoegarden (yes, the angle is a little deceptive... the glass nearer to the camera is the same size)

The end (for now).

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