Friday, January 06, 2012

New Year's Celebrations - in pictures

The start of it all: Blue Label in the Hilton, Shinjuku

Mel and I at Gonpachi, Nishi-Azabu

Joyce enjoying miso soup at Midori-zushi, Shibuya

Joyce when the sushi came

The Melbournians waiting in line for Ageha, Shin-Kiba

Possibly the only photo that came out from inside Ageha

Emil after Ageha, at my place

Emil, Mel and I waiting for our ramen. Sobering up.

The start of the last crazy night, in Ginza

Still looking ok...

... a few drinks later...

... no comment...

... when the glasses just aren't big enough...

Whiskey-goggles (if you look closely we are actually all smiling)

A day walking around the Imperial Palace. Sobering up.