Saturday, March 03, 2012

An update

So after not posting a single blog for two months, I figured it was probably time to put something up here before I forget all the interesting details.

Managed to get quite a few different groups of friends over to my place for drinks last night. Most of them had never met each other so that was a bit of fun. But a lot of people were coming and going at different times so I'm not actually sure who met who in the end. And it probably didn't help that I left half of them at my place to go clubbing around 1am haha (which was a bit of a fail - A-Life was so damn crowded it was like riding a peak hour train for 3 hours...).

Pleasantly surprised that not a single piece of glassware was broken when I got back. Although there were two drunk people passed out on my bed haha. As I type this I am still trying to find the motivation to vacuum (... there does definitely seem to be a fairly close link between my blogging and procrastination when I think about it...), but after taking out all the bottles and cans and rubbish my place is looking relatively clean.

Anyway now for a few photos.

Cocktails at some swanky fruit cocktail bar in Ginza in the "Boss" building... I have completely forgotten the name but the cocktails were nice.

Mel and I after we got to the top of Takao-san. Was a nice walk with some green after being in the giant concrete jungle that is Tokyo.

Mel and Susan at some random cafe / bar thing in Harajuku

One of the models at the Tokyo-Edo Museum. Worth a look around if you are at all interested in the history of Tokyo...

Seafood bbq - Japan style. Was good.

A fat cat we found in a pet store somewhere in Roppongi (I am pretty sure this was after a few drinks between some bar and some club)... Rubi liked it.

Really good unagi-don (eel on rice) at a place in Ginza

The lighting decoration in Marunouchi. Took this walking back from a long lunch (that went until it started getting dark enough for the lights to be on hah) with Sohei, Tomoko, Joon and Chihiro

Another one of my cooking experiments (Hainanese chicken rice + spicy eggplant). If only I had used proper long grain rice...

Awesome lunch teishoku (lunch set) at a little place not too far from work

Till next time (which will hopefully be in less than 2 months)